Version 5.0

Below is the list of the new features provided in the latest downloadable updates to Version 5.0. Updates are cumulative, so when you install the latest update you will also receive all the features and corrections in all previous updates.

Version 5.0E9

  • New System report - Disk space used by images and attachments
  • Changes to Indiana Memory export to include latitude & longitude data
  • When a user is restricted from PastPerfect Online, don't allow user to change records to include
Version 5.0E8 Service Update

Version 5.0E7
  • Add a checkbox for "Include Members Marked Deceased" on the Membership Renewal screen
  • Add commas to numeric fields, Catalogs "Acquisition Value", Accessesions "Price", Incoming Loans "Value"
  • Add "Online Payment" to payment type for Dues and Donations
  • Condition Report - add availability for locfield1-6 to display on this report
  • Sites & Localities - add County, Country, State, Township fields to Find and Sort By
  • Sites & Localities - user can select fields for Browse
Version 5.0E6
  • Improved speed when creating PPOL export data files
Version 5.0E5
  • New WebRights field for compliance with DPLA rights statements
Version 5.0E4
  • Includes updated Subjects file from Library of Congress for new installations
  • Lexicon report "Object Name Count by Category, Class & Term" option to exclude Object Name 2 and 3
Version 5.0E3
  • New Archive report - MultiLevel Linking
  • Ability to include Batch field in Report Maker reports for Donations
  • Ability to include Creator and Date fields on Inventory Checklists and Worksheets
  • Ability to include Fund and Fund Code fields on Batch Deposit List report
  • Ability to include Email, Email2, and Email3 fields on the following reports:
    Donations & Dues Summary, Donation & Dues Summary with Fund Detail, Donations by Date Range, Donations by Date Range - Summary, Donations by Fund or Date Range, Donations by Fund or Date Range with Subtotals
Version 5.0E2
  • Option to export data for transfer to PastPerfect Web
  • First Name and Last Name are available for Report Maker Dues reports
Version 5.0E1 Service Update

Version 5.0D9 Service Update

Version 5.0D8
  • Updates for new Nomenclature 4 Upgrade
Version 5.0D7 Service Update

Version 5.0D6 Service Update

Version 5.0D5
  • Updates for new version of PastPerfect Online
Version 5.0D4 Service Update

Version 5.0D3 Evaluation Version

Version 5.0D2
  • Add fields: campaign#, manager, fund, purpose, starts, ends to Campaign Browse screen
  • Add sort fields: fund, starts, ends to Campaign screen
  • New option on the Memorials & Honorariums report to include only donations honoring a specified name
  • When exporting a contact list to Excel include additional fields; group, phonecell, email2, email3, last donated, last donated amount, last dues amount and volunteer status
  • When importing data to catalogs allow user to select default Screen View
  • When viewing thumbnail images of search results, Right click on thumbnail will display larger image
Version 5.0D1
  • Ability to select and attach multiple images at once to a catalog record
  • Deed of Gift form for Temporary Custody records
  • Option to always create a discovery image when attaching images
  • Option to stop displaying screen asking if user wants to create a discovery image
Version 5.0C9
  • Added Geospatial data tracking in catalog and image records
  • Printing of QR codes as an optional feature for users with PastPerfect-Online, Inventory Manager, Barcode Printing, or Virtual Exhibit
  • New option on catalog image management screen to place an Object ID Stamp on the image
  • Increase length of Accession "Recas" field to 30 characters
  • On Image Management screen, move Image color change commands to sub screen
Version 5.0C8 Service Update

Version 5.0C7 Service Update

Version 5.0C6
  • Add School and Studio authority file reports
  • Expand Virtual Exhibit "Home Page Link" field to accommodate up to 100 characters
  • On Multimedia Links report, allow user to select type of links to include
  • New report " People with Biography Information & Catalog Records"
Version 5.0C5
  • Added Print command to the Virtual Exhibit catalog record screen to print list of catalog records on the selected exhibit
  • Allow users to modify field descriptions
  • Enlarge Archives Multilevel linking screen to show more detail about lower level records including object name, title and scope & content
  • New report Donations - Two Year Comparison
  • New report Upcoming Birthdays
  • Option to alert users if a contact has birthday
  • Option to export the membership overdue payment list to Excel
  • Query option for People Biographies
Version 5.0C4
  • New Authority File for Volunteer Skills
  • Add "Title" field to Archives - Map screen view
  • Increase Exhibit Name field to allow 150 characters
Version 5.0C3
  • Add field "Details about image" to Image file upload for PastPerfect Online
  • New report: "Catalog List Images" can be printed from the Catalog List / View Images screen
  • New report: "Catalog List Summary" prints a list of Catalog lists
  • New report "Contact List Summary" prints a list of Contact user defined lists
  • New report: "PastPerfect Online Modified Images" prints list of image folders containing images modified during a specified date range and marked for export to web
  • New report: "Sites & Localities with Catalog Records" can be printed from the Sites & Localities screen and includes detailed information about the Site and a list of associated catalog records
  • New report: "Works by Creator Summary" lists each creator and the number of catalog records associated
Version 5.0C2
  • Add flag to contacts screen if there is an alternate membership billing address
  • Add two additional email address fields to the Contacts screen
  • New Authority file for Temporary Custody custom fields 1 and 2
  • New Accession Report "Blank Deed of Gift"
  • Option to print the Donations, Dues, & In-kind Gifts reports from the contacts Giving Summary screen
  • Option to print Giving Summary screen information
Version 5.0C1
  • New Target Donors reports
  • Option on Campaign screen to view only Current or only Past Campaigns
  • Increase Title field to allow 250 characters

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Version 4.0

Below is the list of the new features provided in the latest downloadable updates to Version 4.0. Updates are cumulative, so when you install the latest update you will also receive all the features and corrections in all previous updates.

Version 4.0F4
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2018
  • Ability to upload to new PastPerfect Online
Version 4.0F2
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2017
Version 4.0F1
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2016

Version 4.0E9 Service Update

Version 4.0E8

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2015
Version 4.0E7
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2014
Version 4.0E6
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2013
Version 4.0E5
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2012
  • Add Contacts udf1, udf2 and udf3 to Donations by Date report
Version 4.0E4
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2011
Version 4.0E3
  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2010
Version 4.0E2
  • Add fields Revenue Source, and Revenue Restriction to Dues, Donations and In-kind Gifts
  • Add "PayPal" as a payment type for dues and donation receipts
  • Add multiple prefix and suffix option to Dublin Core xml output
  • Add outgoing loan# to catalog table so can be used for searches, reports and included in browse
  • Find by "Dataset" added to Deaccession screen
  • Outgoing loans "Items on Loan" report, add the ability to have the location and other catalog fields on the report
  • When changing the full name on the People Biography screen give user option to update first and last name with changes
Version 4.0D9
  • Add Custom Loan form as another option when printing outgoing loans
  • Allow four digits for SMTP email port number
  • Command to view search term details from Research Search Terms screen
  • Dear formal field is available on Donations, Dues & In-kind Gifts report
  • Change color of object status field to red for Hazardous and orange for Unstable or Very Fragile
  • On British version of image metadata screen change "Grayscale" to "Greyscale" and "color" to "colour"
  • Compress PPOnline data and control files before sending via FTP
  • The artist authority file is available in Archives under Music Collection - on the track list screen
Version 4.0D8
  • Option in objects catalog to sort and instant find by place of origin
  • + command to expand notes field on accession screen
Version 4.0D7
  • Add year 2008 to Contacts dues and donations tracking
  • Add dear formal and dear casual to Dues table for reporting
  • Automatically create data backup when updating program
  • Before reindexing, check for other users and display a list of users currently in the program
  • Easy access to System Info screen by clicking Version# on main menu
  • Expanded System Information screen
  • Improved data backup functions for images and multimedia
  • Limit image subfolders to 600MB
  • New Backup Reminder screen that alerts if backup has not been made in last 3 days
  • New command button on Library screen to list, enter or view additional sites associated with the record
  • Option to Find by record# in Accessions and Contacts
  • Option to make backups from backup reminder screen
  • Save 30 hard drive backups
  • Upon Exit remind users to make an external backup every week
  • Upon Exit of program require users to make a backup at least every two weeks
Version 4.0D6
  • Add Bi-weekly payment option for pledges
  • Add plus + command to Accession screen to expand Description of Accession box
  • Images created as discovery images are converted to 24-bit to allow watermarking
  • Increase length of Caption field to 75 characters
  • Increase length of Site# field to 15 characters
  • Include "dear casual" field when exporting user defined list to Excel
  • New report Donations, Dues and Inkind Gifts Summary
  • New report Donations & Dues Summary with Fund Detail
  • Option to add default custom legal text for new accessions via Accession/Add/Deed Gift screen

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