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Easy-to-use, affordable, and secure!

PastPerfect Online is the web publishing tool that gives you the ability to share your collections online while keeping your PastPerfect data safe and secure. Only the records and fields you select will be available to the public, and your online images can be watermarked without affecting the images attached to your PastPerfect records.

Visit pastperfect-online.com to view over 800 collections, sharing almost 6 million catalog records.

PastPerfect Online is packed with the features you need to effectively share your collections with the world. Your site comes with both Keyword and Advanced Search features. You can also browse through the collections using Random Images or catalog search. Customizable email forms help you solicit feedback on items in the collection and provide online visitors the opportunity to request image reproductions. Additionally, online visitors can use the Email to a Friend button to share items from your collection. Site statistics including valuable information about your online visitors is available from Google Analytics. PastPerfect Online also includes free submission to Google indexing. Once enabled, your collections become accessible to anyone using this popular search engine.

No design or programming expertise is needed to give your museum a world-class online presence. Our staff will design your PastPerfect Online site to complement your existing website. PastPerfect Online also includes a free landing page to include information about your organization, as well as tips to search your site. All PastPerfect Online sites utilize responsive design, making your site look great across all mobile devices.

PastPerfect Online is capable of searching and displaying hundreds of thousands of catalog records and images. For a modest annual fee, we host your data and web sized images on our servers. There is no need to maintain your own servers. Hosting for your Multimedia files (audio, video, PDFs, etc.) is available with PPO Links.

Please note: PastPerfect Online requires PastPerfect Version 5.0D5 or higher and the MultiMedia Upgrade.


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Benefits of Sharing Collections Online
Recorded January 16, 2018
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