Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems can PastPerfect run on?

  • PastPerfect runs on Windows operating systems and servers. It is also possible to run PastPerfect on Mac computers with additional software. For more information, visit http://museumsoftware.com/hardware.html.
How much is PastPerfect per year?
  • PastPerfect does not require any annual fees for use of the program. Technical support is optional and available on an annual basis or per incident.
What is AASLH and what does it get me?
  • AASLH stands for the American Association for State and Local History. Institutional members of AASLH receive a 20% discount on PastPerfect products. For more information about AASLH membership, visit http://about.aaslh.org/membership.
Do I need the Network Upgrade?
How does PastPerfect's licensing work?
  • The basic package includes installation of a single database and software access from one computer. Additional access licenses may be purchased. To grant access on up to 5 computers, you would need to purchase the Network Upgrade 2-5 users. For additional information and pricing on our Network Upgrades, visit http://museumsoftware.com/network.html.
Can we run PastPerfect on a wireless network?
  • Wireless networks are not recommended for use with PastPerfect. The required network throughput speed for PastPerfect is 100 Mbps (Megabits per second).
Why is MultiMedia separate?
  • All add-ons are optional and available for purchase separately from the basic program. This allows organizations to only purchase the functionality they need.
How can I get my existing data into PastPerfect?
  • Our conversions team can take a look at your existing data and provide a free estimate on the cost to bring your data into PastPerfect. For more information on our conversion services, visit http://museumsoftware.com/conversions.html.
Do you provide training?
Can I put my collection online with PastPerfect?
  • Yes, we offer two products that allow you to share your collections online, Virtual Exhibit and PastPerfect Online. Check out this Knowledge Base article for the differences between the two products.
How often do you release updates?


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