Online Classes

Online classes are a great way to learn PastPerfect without even leaving your living room! By attending these live online presentations, you will be able to watch our expert instructor demonstrate how to effectively use PastPerfect 5.0. You can participate in the class by asking questions via a chat window while listening to the presentation either through your computer speakers or over a long distance telephone call. Each class is a few hours spread out over two or three days, so you can attend training and still have time to fulfill your daily responsibilities.

Our online classes are great for both new and experienced PastPerfect users. The classes start with the basics, making sure you have a good foundation of efficient and consistent data entry before moving on to the more advanced uses of the program.

Cataloging Collections with PastPerfect 5.0

This class shows you how using PastPerfect can speed up your data entry process by showing you how to attach images, utilize authority files, keeping your data safe, and much more. We  focus on efficiency, while keeping an eye on consistency, through the accession process from the moment "a man walks in with a box.” New users of PastPerfect will learn recommended methods for consistent collections data entry; experienced users will pick up tips to maximize their use of the program. When you register for this three-day class, we’ll send you a free copy of the "Cataloging Collections with PastPerfect 5.0" Training CD, which complements the class.

Managing Contacts, Donations and Membership with PastPerfect 5.0

For most museums and organizations, contact management is more than a full-time job. We want to make life easier by showing you how to streamline many of the tasks involved in good contact management. By taking this class, you’ll learn to create contacts and memberships; document donations, dues payments and volunteer hours; and build targeted mailings through Contact Lists and PastPerfect's MS-Word letters interface. We’ll also give you tips on emailing contacts and keeping your data safe. When you register for this three-day class, we’ll send you a free copy of the "Managing Contacts, Donations and Membership with PastPerfect 5.0" Training CD, which complements the class.

Research and Reporting with PastPerfect 5.0

Join us for this two-day course where we’ll show you how researching and reporting on your collections, donations and membership dues in PastPerfect is straightforward and effective. This course includes a review of PastPerfect's research options, highlights from PastPerfect's 300+ built-in reports, easy-to-use tools to modify existing reports, and the simple steps for creating your own reports using Report Maker. When you register for this two-day class we’ll send you a free copy of the "Research and Reporting with PastPerfect 5.0" Training CD, which complements the class.

Additional Online Training Information

Online Training Classes are taught by an experienced PastPerfect instructor via internet and conference call, using a webinar product. You will be able to interact with the instructor, just as you would if you were in a real classroom. Since these classes are held online using a webinar program, you must have access to DSL or faster internet connections to attend.

These classes give you the option to listen via your computer speakers or headphones, or by using a telephone. You’ll be able to communicate with the trainer through the webinar’s chat function. Participants using the VoIP option (listening via the computer) will not be able to communicate verbally with other participants or the instructor. For those who wish to use the telephone option, please note that this will be a long distance conference call. While we suggest that attendees use the telephone option, we understand that for some organizations it is cost prohibitive. To minimize distraction, a headset is preferred, no speakerphones please!

When you call our support office to reserve your seat for a class, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Name of each person attending
  • Institution name and address
  • Phone number and email address for each person attending
  • Payment information (payment may be made by credit card or by invoicing your institution.)

Seats are limited... CALL TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!! 1-800-562-6080

Product Price AASLH*
Online Training Class $86.25 $69.00
*Institutional Members of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) receive a 20% discount on the majority of PastPerfect products and services.
How to Attend a Class (video)